The Power In Sharing Your Lollipop Moments

Recently, I kicked off a leadership development series and during our first program we shared a video called, “Lollipop Moments” with speaker Drew Dudley.

The message of the video centers on those moments where you make a significant impact in someone’s life, or when they impact you. You’ll have to watch the video to understand why it’s called “Lollipop Moments”.

Drew asks the audience how many people have what he refers to as “lollipop moments” and most people raise their hand. He then asks, how many how many of you have told and thanked those people for the positive impact they had on your life? This time just a few hands went up. “Why is that?” he asks. Why do we hold back from sharing more frequently with those who make a difference in our lives?

I had a young woman work for me in a call center environment as a front-line employee. She expressed a desire to move into a supervisor role and would not have been viewed as your stereotypical “corporate” leader at all. Quite the opposite in fact. I saw in her a passion and energy to learn. I gave her an opportunity to see what she could do in a leader role. It wasn’t long before she was one of our best performing supervisors. She was creative and brought fun into an environment that could be quite stressful. She connected with her team and they followed her. She was never asked to change who she was to become someone she wasn’t. She was allowed to express her unique qualities and blossom into the leader she was meant to be. After a while, we both ended up moving on to other companies and the years passed. Out of the blue I received an email from her thanking me for believing in her, and telling me it was my support that gave her the confidence needed to seek leadership positions throughout her career. I was blown away she would take time to look me up after so long. I had no idea until that moment, the impact I had. I’m sure glad I know now though!

In looking back, I believe it was she who had the greatest impact on me. I learned to make sure I am letting others know in my personal and professional life how they have positively impacted me.

What a difference it makes in our teams to share how they impact you and your company! When we choose to share our appreciation for one another, we build deeper connections and stronger relationships. Healthy relationships are the key to our overall success.

Who has impacted your life? Have you told them? My challenge to you is share your “lollipop moments!” Don’t keep them for yourself. Go and tell the person who made a difference in your life! Let them share in your experience. You and that person will be glad you did! Even more powerful, be that lollipop moment for someone else today!

Karrie Landsverk

Karrie Landsverk

Partner, Trainer, and Professional Speaker at American Way University
Karrie Landsverk is a Partner with AmericanWay University, Trainer, and Professional Speaker who brings humor and engagement to any training event or conference. As a professional member of the National Speakers Association, Karrie’s style is dynamic and energetic, captivating her audiences with real-life experiences. She has been a leader in the business world for 16 years, with positions ranging from high-level leadership roles—with a Fortune 500 company—to head of Human Resources for a 20 location independent pharmacy chain. Karrie also served as a school board member for seven years in her district. She has a strong background in leadership, human resources, healthcare, and education. Karrie’s expertise lies in the areas of: Linking Purpose with Action, Communicating with Intention, Purpose, and Clarity, Revealing the Unique Strengths Each Generation Brings to the Organization, and Cultivating Trusting and Collaborative Relationships in the Workplace.
Karrie Landsverk
Karrie Landsverk
Karrie Landsverk



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