Perspective: 5 Quick And Easy Ways To Make You Feel Happy

Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down with the day to day grind and forget to spend some valuable time nurturing yourself.

So, here are 5 easy things that you can do every day to make you feel happier.GETHAPPYBARBARA

1. Get some fresh air

Take a few moments each day to pop outside and get some fresh air. This is especially the case if you work in an office. It’s very easy to think of excuses why you shouldn’t. It’s cold; it’s raining; I have this piece of work that really needs to get done. Instead of thinking of excuses, simply grab a jacket and walk around the block for a couple of minutes. Leave your phone behind and just have a good old think. It’ll help you to de-stress, think more clearly and give your brain the space it needs.

2. Do something you absolutely love

As a working mum I very often neglect my needs for the needs of my children and my family. So rather than doing something I want to do, I think it’s more important to take my kids to their clubs and activities. However, by allowing yourself a couple of hours a week to spend doing something that you love you will instantly feel re-charged and full of more energy to spend on everyone else. I became aware of this a few months ago when I joined a local choir. For 2 hours a week I no longer think about work; kids; school uniforms; homework etc. I just completely switch off, and I have really noticed the difference. I no longer feel guilty for this time out, instead I view it as time very well spent nurturing me. So, have a think about what you absolutely love and dedicate some ‘me’ time to do it.

3. Turn off your gadget

The 21st Century is very much about being connected, and it’s really not unusual to take our phones everywhere and be contactable wherever we are. This can be exhausting. Someone once said to me ‘imagine your texts / emails were letters. If the postman rang your door bell every time he had a letter for you, how long before you’d get really annoyed with answering the door?”

This really made sense to me. So, I now make a point of not jumping each time my phone pings and I have dedicated times to be gadget free.

4. Meditate

This is a recent one for me, and not everyone’s cup of tea. I was introduced to meditation by a friend of mine and one evening I gave it a go, and I was surprised at how much I loved it. I spent no longer than 5 minutes and I felt completely energised and focused, not the result I had expected at all, so much so that I have now started meditating on a regular basis.

5. Be in the moment

This came to my attention when my son went through a stage of asking what we were doing next rather than just enjoying what we were doing right at that moment. It then dawned on me that I was also guilty of this, albeit in a different way. I spent time planning my to do lists and my week, always aware of what I was required to do from one day to the next, that I sometimes didn’t appreciate the here and now. It was then that I fully realised that the present is the only moment in time that really exists. This allowed me to really start to appreciate what I was doing right at that moment and to be completely present for the people I was with rather than distracted by other things that weren’t important at that time.

These are my 5 happiness tips. I’d love to hear what yours are. Please let me know by leaving a comment and please do feel free to share… (Another great happiness tip)

Editor’s Note: This post has been republished with permission from Barbara Nixon

Barbara Nixon

Barbara Nixon

Management Development Trainer, Coach and Writer at Barbara Nixon
Barbara Nixon is a passionate learning and development specialist who gets a real kick out of seeing people develop and grow. Barbara is Director of Synaptic Change – a UK based training consultancy that designs and delivers bespoke management development programmes, and then embeds the learning back into the workplace -which is something that she is very passionate about. Although Barbara loves working with organisations and teams she also came to realise that not everyone has access to development programmes at work, and not everyone wants to share their aspirations with their boss – so Managers Mentor was born. An online space dedicated to motivating, developing and supporting others to achieve the success that they’re looking for in their role and career. In her spare time Barbara has 4 kids, grows veg to varying degrees of success and loves to read.
Barbara Nixon
Barbara Nixon



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