Perspective: Enjoy The Journey.

The holidays are past us and we are into the second quarter of 2015. Many of the goals set for the New Year are well in motion (or should be) and life is moving forward for most of us. During the holidays as we travel far and near for many it’s just a routine drive, however for me I decided to take a different approach this trip and really get more out of it than just a drive home to see my family. The trip from NC to Michigan is by no means a short one, it takes a minimum of twelve hours through different cities, climates and terrains. Although it’s not the most exciting drive there are a few things to take away from it. CHRISAPRIL

  1.  Be Patient
  2.  Enjoy the Journey
  3.  Develop Relationships

Be Patient

Taking a twelve hour drive requires one thing, PATIENCE! No matter how fast you go or which route you take, the drive from North Carolina to Michigan requires lots of patience. As I was on the road I began to think about how much time I had left to drive. The more I thought about it the more my patience grew stronger. I already consider myself a patient person so it wasn’t that hard but being in a car for that long will wear anyone down. As we look at our journey to accomplishing our goals we must understand that nothing comes quickly and our patience will definitely be tested. No matter how fast we want to reach our destination there is a process that we must endure and learn through to get there. Knowing the final result of your goals keeps you focused and patient so that you can endure and see it through until the end.

Enjoy the Journey

Traveling through different cities, climates and landscapes is always a sight to take in. From state to state and city to city there are several different looks, landmarks and terrains that we see. On this trip to Michigan I go from flat city terrain to mountains back to city, several elevation changes and climates. Embracing the change of travel helped me to see that our lives are much the same. From start to finish in our professional lives we are faced with different obstacles that we must adjust to without missing a beat. Being in a car we don’t feel the elements of outdoors as they change so it’s normally a smooth comfortable drive allowing us to enjoy the journey. However in life we feel the changes and must learn to embrace and keep moving forward. Goals keep us on track and allow us to endure the changes of life, so when something comes up that is unexpected we can always go back to our reasons for doing something that will keep us on track and making the best of a situation. The journey is part of the process and should be embraced and treated as such. We have to grow through change and become the person that will match our goals. Growth is new and can’t be prepared for, therefore we must grow through the changes of life and welcome them by getting better in the process.

Develop Relationships

Having strong and trusting relationships are the staple of life. When it comes to business it can make or break how successful you are in any endeavor. We must learn to nurture and grow relationships in order to take our lives to the next level. Staying on the subject of holidays, this is always a time we are able to see friends and family that we don’t always get to see on a regular basis. Oftentimes we may only see each other once maybe twice a year depending on distance, preventing the necessary time to be spent to truly develop a relationship. As people grow and interests change relationships have to be cultivated to keep people growing together. Relationships must have a mutual benefit for all involved, there is just as much give as take, in fact a good practice in developing lasting relationships is to give more and receive less. Value each other, people who build great relationships never discount the other person, normally there is an equality in the relationship we shouldn’t see ourselves as better than the other person.

One thing I wanted to do as I traveled to Michigan was take a different approach and get more out of the drive than just a twelve hour road trip. As I set out on the road I decided to take a few things from the trip and relate them to life as well as business. There are things that we go through and experience in everyday life that we can take lessons from and use them to become better. My challenge to you is to pick two to three things daily that you can take a lesson from and grow. Even the smallest things that you can get better at can help you grow in life and in business.

Chris Lewis
Flint, MI native, Chris Lewis is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and blogger. Chris received his B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Alabama State University in Montgomery, AL. After graduating from college and attending medical school for a year, Chris decided that he wanted to plant his roots in the world of business. Motivated by SUCCESS and seeing others achieve their goals, he developed a passion for helping others through business. He is a firm believer that you can achieve anything you commit to with 100% Focus. His goal is to provide growth, balance and opportunity to those he can connect with as he reminds everyone to Dream On Purpose Everyday! You can reach Chris on his website here
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis
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