Perspective: Your Perception Can Change Everything

As a little boy, I have always been fascinated with animals. The way they think, respond, and adapt to their ever changing environments has always amazed me. As I matured through life and as I continue to mature, what amazes me even more so is the awesome God we serve! As God’s creation, we have been equipped with such unlimited potential. You and I have been given the ability to adapt to our environment even more so than any other creature on the planet.perceptionmike
One of the greatest “tools” that we have at our helm is our very own mind. Our ability to think a thought, or imagine possibilities surpasses any other creation. You may have heard the saying several times before that you are what you think you should be! We are all the sum total of the words spoken and thoughts fostered/cultivated on a consistent basis. What you think about most of the time breeds the manifestation of that thing. In today’s society, many are faced with the unfortunate reality of being bombarded with such a high level of stress and discontentment that the possibility of hope in a better life seems to be a thing of the past. However, it is during these times that one can tap into this unlimited potential that’s been “injected” on the inside of each of us to draw out greatness. Your perception literally changes everything in life. If you see things as being negative, then things will continue to be negative. When you see everything as being a positive, well…things will be positive.
Of all the animals in the animal kingdom, what is it about the lion that has allowed it to have the title “King of the Jungle”? What is it about the lion that has every other animal in the jungle trembling with fear at its very presence? The answer is: ATTITUDE. The lion’s boldness catapults it to a level of such confidence that no matter what the situation or circumstance, it knows that he has the victory of it. You and I should be the same way. When we become aware of the truth that Almighty God has given us the victory over every situation, then we can live a life of boldness and joy as we pursue and walk in our purpose on a daily basis. The Bible says in Romans 8:31, that if God be for us, who can be against us?

When we understand that we have been equipped potential to be absolutely anything we desire to be, then other’s perception of us doesn’t matter one bit. Make the decision today to change your perception of who you are!

In order to do so, allow me to give you a few suggestions:
1. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior (see Romans 10:8-9)

2. Develop a daily prayer life with your Creator– By staying in consistent communication with the One who created you, you better understand who you are and how you are to function in the Earth.

3. Forgive others quickly– Unforgiveness holds you back more than you may realize! (See Matthew 6:14)

4. See everything as a opportunity to show God’s awesome ability and power (see Ephesians 3:20)


Editor’s Note: This post has been published with permission from Mike Lewis

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

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Michael Lewis is a husband, a father, a motivational speaker, author, teacher, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Michigan, driven with extreme passion to cultivate potential within the boundaries of purpose. Author of the soon to be released book "Cultivating Potential within Purpose", through practical application, he makes it his priority in life to show others how to achieve maximum potential from the inside out by teaching life changing principles that can be applied in every area of their lives. You can find more of Michael’s writing his blog here.
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis



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