Five Keys to Improving Performance Where it Matters Most

Busy professionals find it very challenging to achieve effective work-life balance. Ensuring there’s mojo at work often comes at the expense of mojo for home. I believe most of us really want to be effective at both—work and home. Easier said than done.

Have you ever been the greatest thing since sliced bread at work, but the complete opposite at home? Your mojo with the boss and with your “Boo Thing” are as far apart as the North and South Poles. At work you’re clicking on all cylinders. At home you’re made to feel as though you can’t do anything right. What do you do?MOJODAVID

As an inquisitive leader, begin with a few questions.

1. When did things begin to change?

2. Is someone hiding in their work to avoid dealing with tough issues?

3. What have we stopped doing to cause a loss of mojo?

4. Do we both want things to get better?

5. Am I willing to do what’s necessary to get my mojo back?

If your home mojo has been missing in action since you bought your first flip phone, do not despair. Here are five keys to help you get your swagger back.

1. Just Because

Get your significant other a gift before the next birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. Don’t wait until the next special occasion to get him or her a gift. A spontaneous “just because” gift with a hand written note can work wonders for your relationship.

Concerning gifts, many will say, “It’s the thought that counts.” That’s not always true! Surprising your partner with something you’re supposed to know he or she doesn’t like can having you sleeping on the sofa…at the office. Get them something they love.

2. Make Time for It

I’m sure you’re overwhelmingly busy, but making time for a regular date night is imperative. Being too busy for the one you love opens the door for the mojo to unknowingly make its exit. If you don’t have time for breaking up or a divorce, stop making excuses and make time for each other.

3. Open Wide

My wife and I participated in a paint party for couples recently. We had never done anything like it. Opening wide and doing something out of the box—for us—provided an unforgettable experience. We had a blast and talked about it all the way home. My wife couldn’t believe how much fun she had. Open wide and do something different with your special someone.

4. Fireworks

No sexual mojo at home can invite extra-marital affairs that are notorious for derailing promising careers and ruining families. Too many executives, politicians, pastors, and celebrities and their families have been devastated by sexual indiscretion. Don’t let it happen to you. Keep the sparks flying and fireworks bursting in the bedroom, or living room, or on top of the washing machine during spin cycle, or the back seat of your SUV.

5. Shut Up & Listen

Is your relationship on life support? Sometimes a heart-to-heart conversation is just what the doctor ordered. Conversations where we truly listen to each other invite the mojo to return home to stay.

“Listening is not just hearing what someone tells you word for word. You have to listen with a heart. I don’t want that to sound touchy-feely; it is not. It is very hard work.” –Anna Deavere Smith

Bonus: Counseling—don’t rule it out. Sitting down with a licensed counselor can equip you with tools you need to get your mojo back for keeps.

David Clarke

David Clarke

Dreamer, Encourager, Life-Changer, Believer at Pastor David Anthony Clarke, SR
Flint, MI native, David Anthony Clarke, is a pastor, speaker, self-published author of two books, honorably discharged U.S. Marine, and wanna be blogger at David received an A.S. in Business (Barstow Community College), B.A. in Leadership, and M.S. in Organizational Performance (Bellevue University). Clarke’s e-newsletter, Enjoy the Journey, is published monthly and his weekly Clarkehouse Leadership Moment radio broadcast is heard on several stations in middle Georgia. Clarke is empowering future generations of leaders as an adjunct professor at Ft. Valley State University and through his own online courses at He has also written several book reviews for the National Baptist Voice magazine. Pastor Clarke and his wife, Michelle, launched Clarkehouse Ministries in 2001 to empower dreamers to grow personally and professionally as they realize their dreams. He travels extensively conducting retreats and seminars on inquisitive leadership, strategic planning, personal development, and performance improvement. He has provided motivational speeches and/or spiritual support for the GA Dept of Labor, City of Warner Robins, GA Christian Business Network, Albany State University, Ft. Valley State University, and Johnson C. Smith University. Clarke preaches regularly in local prisons, and has ministered in Japan, Haiti, and Ghana, West Africa.
David Clarke
David Clarke
David Clarke




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