Perspective: Take Initiative

Have you ever considered what your life could be like if you took initiative in everything you set out to do? How much more focused would you be to set goals if you knew beyond any shadow of doubt that you could not fail? Many go through life expecting others to do everything for them that they miss out on what they can truly accomplish within themselves. Now, don’t misunderstand me, everything we set oINITATIVEMIKEut to do will require the assistance of others to get it done, however, that in which we set out to do we must take personal initiative to set the plan in motion.

In today’s society it appears to be common ground for many to sit back and wait for things to line up perfectly for them instead of the passion and vigor to go out and make things happen. God never operates this way. He initiates what He desires to see come to pass. God is not a stagnant God.

According to the Word of God, we are spirit beings created in the very image and likeness of Almighty God. We must then operate in the conviction that we must never be stagnant in life. The very nature of God is to be productive. I once heard a wise man say “productivity can never exist in the realm of excuses. Excuses only prevent the ability to move forward and take action!” When we refuse to take initiative then we hinder the very ability to cultivate and release our true potential. Taking initiative creates consistency, and consistency in the plan of God for your life leads to an abundance of success!

Developing the habit of taking initiative in life ultimately leads to a lifestyle free from procrastination. It’s important to see procrastination in the will of God as the roadblock to the promises of God. I recall my years in teaching. For several years, I made it a daily goal to share life altering principles with the students. I remember distinctively sharing principles that went well beyond just academics, but that which could extend into their daily method of fulfilling God’s purpose for their own lives. Prior to obeying God in taking personal initiative this way, I found myself bored on an ongoing basis. It wasn’t until I humbled myself by acknowledging with an open mind that this boredom was a manifestation of my own procrastination in the plan of God for my life. I made the decision at that point to be led by purpose! The more I obeyed and took God at His Word, the more I began to see Him move in miraculously ways for me and my family. Through the years of obedience, God promoted me to uphold the responsibility of becoming the principal. This indeed was outside of my comfort zone! However, God was preparing for me what He placed me on this Earth to do. News flash! Things will never be perfect before you move forward. Bishop I.V. Hilliard says that “God will give you more on your way than He does before you get started”. What you’re waiting for in actuality is waiting on you and until you take initiative you will never receive what God has pre-ordained you to have for your life.

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

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Michael Lewis is a husband, a father, a motivational speaker, author, teacher, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Michigan, driven with extreme passion to cultivate potential within the boundaries of purpose. Author of the soon to be released book "Cultivating Potential within Purpose", through practical application, he makes it his priority in life to show others how to achieve maximum potential from the inside out by teaching life changing principles that can be applied in every area of their lives. You can find more of Michael’s writing his blog here.
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis



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