Leading On Business: Ten Ways Leaders Can Make Their Business Better

Business leaders are always looking for ways to improve things and make the business better today than it was yesterday. They want to make it better this month than last month. They want to make it better this year than it was last year.BETTERBUSINESSTONY

Business leaders are future oriented. They want to make the business better next year than it was year ago. Today, I want to share ten big ideas on how to make your business better.

1. Make a deeper commitment- Your business is going to thrive on your belief and passion. No one is going to believe in it more than you. If you love your business and you love what you do, you will commit to being the very best you can be and pretty soon, everyone around you in the organization will catch the rub from your passion. Inspired people inspire people.

2. Have profit sharing One of your objectives should be to turn your employees from renters to owners. You need to take them from working for you to working with you. Profit sharing plans do this incredibly well, as your team will feel like partners with you in your business. If you reject the concept of sharing, how will you ever share anything with them?

3. Energize your partners- Just making money together will never be enough. Just owning something together will never be enough. You should set very high goals together, You need to encourage growth with each other. You need to keep score and urge each other to go to greater heights together.

4. Communicate more- The more you help people understand what is important and why it is important, the more they will care. Once they care deeply, there’s no stopping them. What you will gain from empowering and energizing your people will take you to new growth.

5. Be more appreciative- Nothing can fire up someone like a couple of well-placed, authentic words of praise. They don’t cost you much but a few minutes to pause to deliver them, but, if done well, the return on investment is astronomical.

6. Celebrate more- If you loosen up, the atmosphere of your company will as well. Stop trying to schedule fun events, start being fun yourself. Leadership is influence. Be a fun carrier and make sure everyone catches it from you.

7. Facilitate more discussion- You only know what your people tell you and they know everything you need to know. They are on the front lines. Talking to customers, answering the phone, answering e-mail, monitoring social media and talking with each other. Create more interaction and discussion time so you know what they know. They know a lot. They know what is really going on.

8. Exceed expectations- The more you deliver more than what is expected, you create more value. The more you create value, the more customers and repeat customers you create. Make sure you demonstrate appreciation for them and be helpful when there is a problem. Never make excuses, simply apologize and help fix it. Stand behind what you do

9. Watch your expenses- Over and over, I see business owners who simply do not know their numbers. You can make a lot of strategic mistakes and still recover if you know your numbers. This gives you an advantage of knowing what your business can weather and what it can not. Risk is much easier to estimate and mitigate if you know your numbers.

10. Go against the grain- Growth is always beyond what others are doing. Being an original is much better than being a copy. Most businesses do not ever copy well, they end up being cheap copies and it destroys credibility. Many a niche has been found and many a dollar has been made by simply going the other way from the crowd.

There you have it. Ten ways to improve your business right away. What ideas or concepts can you add to my list?

This post has been republished with permission from Tony Richards

Tony Richards

Tony Richards

Founder and Senior Partner at Clear Vision Development Group
Tony Richards is founder and Senior Partner of Clear Vision Development Group, a leadership and organizational development company. Tony makes his home in Columbia, MO with his wife and partner, Ann Marie. In addition to Clear Vision, they also own Word Marketing, Horizon Research Services, and Fusion Production & Design. Tony was a C-level executive for 20 years, starting in 1985. He serves as a board member of Big Brothers & Big Sisters, a steering committee member & leadership instructor of Leadership Columbia and Small Business Committee member for the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of Catalyst, a worldwide group of leadership specialists; He has published over 300 articles on leadership and business and is a regular columnist for the Columbia Business Times, The Rainmaker Group and Essex Business Strategists of Europe. Tony publishes a weekly newsletter, Clear Vision Weekly and an online video series, Clear Vision TV. His first published book will be available in 2014, entitled “100 Big Ideas To Enhance Your Leadership, Life and Business”. Tony was recently named number 27 of the Top 100 Leadership Experts to follow on Twitter.
Tony Richards
Tony Richards



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