Perspective: Why Are You Doing It?

Stop right now: just for a moment.

Why are you here? I don’t mean specifically here, because I’m delighted you’re here!WHYDOING

I mean, why are you doing what you’re doing each and every day?

So many of us can get caught up in the “busy” syndrome, doing many things but accomplishing…what?

When you finish each day, can you identify what you accomplished, for what significant, beneficial result?

And it doesn’t have to be all business. Our lives are complex, hurried and harried nowadays. We seem to be running on fast-forward with finite fuel. And that leads to burn-out, disappointment, frustration and ill health.

Many people are living unconscious lives, performing duties by rote without conscious awareness of either their actions or their results.

When was the last time you sat back and asked yourself:

Is what I’m doing resulting in results? Is it productive? Does it create something meaningful, beneficial, profitable or necessary?

If not…why are you doing it?

As I glanced through my twitter stream today, it was laced with links and RTs and “stuff”, but very little back-and-forth conversation. Very little interaction. Just stream upon stream of what feels like verbal paint thrown up against the wall. Splattered sound bytes. Never-ending barrage. I had to wonder how much of it was even viewed or consumed prior to mindlessly forwarding it along? Some days it feels like a game of hot potato, with messages arriving and leaving one’s hands as quickly as that hot potato.

In this hurried, harried world of bigger-faster-longer-stronger, isn’t it time to break free from the gerbil wheel and focus on what’s important.

Here are my tips: maybe you’ll try them when you undertake a task or activity. Three simple questions:

  • · Is it productive?
  • · Does it result in results?
  • · If not, why are you doing it?

Maybe we all need to just slow down and feel groovy

Kaarina Dillabough

Kaarina Dillabough

Business Life Coach at Decide2Do
Kaarina is a business/life coach living in Ontario. For over 25 years her high-voltage energy, expertise and experience has inspired those she has worked with to reach beyond their grasp, to attain great things in business and in life. A former Olympic sports colour commentator and coach, Kaarina parlayed her coaching skills from the gym floor to the boardroom, working with business owners to improve their profitability and prosperity. In doing so, she has seen people grow both personally and professionally. Kaarina is known as an inspiring motivational speaker in areas such as branding, marketing, business growth strategies, and personal growth and prosperity. She is a passionate, seasoned coach and accountability partner with a proven track record, who loves nothing more than helping people achieve their goals in business and in life.
Kaarina Dillabough
Kaarina Dillabough



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