Get Organized! Three Ways To Be More Productive

Time Management is a recurring development topic for so many people. As our lives get busier and there’s just so much to do, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and out of your depth.GETORGANIZED

I am no different. My life is crazy busy. I am a working mum with kids, a dog; a husband (no idea why I mentioned him after the dog.) I also do my bit as a school Governor and get involved in our schools PTA so I feel like I’m contributing.

I know all about plate spinning; and juggling. In fact it would be much easier to just run away with the circus!! But, I don’t as there’s just too much to do. But over the years I have collected some great time management tricks that really help me to manage my day so that I don’t get stressed, worked up and feel like I’m treading water, but that I’m actually achieving something.

So, here are my top favourite time management tips for any busy life

1. Use an alarm clock

For every piece of work I have to do, I set myself some time to do it in, and then I set my alarm on my iPhone. I then focus none stop either until it’s done, or my alarm goes off. On the times my alarm goes off before I’ve finished I’m usually so engrossed that I keep going until it’s done anyway. This is a great way to beat procrastination.

2. A realistic To Do List

This took some time to conquer but I now only give myself realistic to do lists. My old to do lists were overly ambitious and left me feeling overwhelmed. I now get more done, but have a greater sense of achievement. A “To Do List” helps with prioritising too.

3. Choose your battles

This one is a bit of a mantra of mine in all areas of my life, but it really works here. Yes, there are ways that you like things to be done, both at work and at home. But, does it really matter? As my 6 year old sings on a daily basis “Let it go!” from the movie “Frozen”, you don’t need to re-organise the dishwasher, and you don’t really have to re word that E-mail. If it’s good enough, let it go. It’s not about not having pride in your work. It’s about choosing what’s really important to do again. Choose your battles.

So, these are my top 3 that I use, but I know that we all have our favourite time saving tips. I would love to hear what yours are. Let me know by leaving a comment and let’s share.

This post has modified and republished with permission from Barbara Nixon



Barbara Nixon

Barbara Nixon

Management Development Trainer, Coach and Writer at Barbara Nixon
Barbara Nixon is a passionate learning and development specialist who gets a real kick out of seeing people develop and grow. Barbara is Director of Synaptic Change – a UK based training consultancy that designs and delivers bespoke management development programmes, and then embeds the learning back into the workplace -which is something that she is very passionate about. Although Barbara loves working with organisations and teams she also came to realise that not everyone has access to development programmes at work, and not everyone wants to share their aspirations with their boss – so Managers Mentor was born. An online space dedicated to motivating, developing and supporting others to achieve the success that they’re looking for in their role and career. In her spare time Barbara has 4 kids, grows veg to varying degrees of success and loves to read.
Barbara Nixon
Barbara Nixon



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