Perspective: Will The Real Leaders Please Stand Up?

I believe that we can all agree that society has changed tremendously. Undoubtedly, as the days continue to pass by, change will remain inevitable. It is my conviction that along side the ever increasing change one thing that must increase is the manifestation of true leadership.realeaders

In my daily line of work, I’m exposed to hundreds of youth between the ages of 16-25 and sometimes older. Coming from a wide spectrum of life experiences, they cry out to not only be heard but to be led. Led by someone who willingly can show them by example how to first and foremost discover their value, they cry out for the understanding of what true leadership is. Rather than to be taught by demeaning music videos and social media post, they long for someone to show them how to respect others all the while training them how to live and lead with an inquisitive spirit (by the way, I highly recommend ordering a copy of “Are There Any ?’s by David Anthony Clarke Sr.)

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, leadership is (1) a position as a leader of a group or organization, etc. (2) the time when a person holds the position of leader, and (3) the power or ability to lead other people. If this is indeed the definition that our “entrusted” educational system is teaching our fellow man, then folks we are in serious trouble. I assure you that in my 18+ years of intense research, leadership training/teaching and through the life altering mentorship extended to me through the years, my understanding of leadership is much different.

So then the question remains, what is Leadership? Leadership is the willingness of an individual to lead others toward a common vision through the consistent influence of principles for the overall accomplishment of God’s will. Leadership should never be forced through manipulation, but leadership must be earned through inspiration

It seems to me that many have the desire of a “surface leader” rather than that of a leader at the “heart level”. One can easily be identified as a “surface leader” by the persistent pursuit of the latest rewards and accolades (nothing wrong with having rewards and accolades) whereas a true leader at the heart level seeks to develop new leaders without any recognition. Therefore, true leadership is not about how many people follow you but it is about how many people follow the people that follows you (allow that to sink in for a moment). In other words, leadership must be connected to the burning passion to train and develop new leaders. Whenever I speak to a live audience, I always pose the question, will the real leaders please stand up and more times than not, about 95% of the room will stand. When this happens I can’t help but wonder by what definition of leadership convicted them to stand.

In the following blog we will expound more on key characteristics of leadership but for now allow me to share a few nuggets in regards to the mentality of the leader. The leader MUST:

1. Seek, discover, and live his or her purpose- everything begins with purpose. In my upcoming book “Cultivating Potential Within Purpose” I remind the reader that according to Jeremiah 29:11, we have been given an assignment (purpose) by God to fulfill during our lifetime and we can never truly release our unlimited potential until we discover and walk in that purpose.

2. Remove his or her personal agenda- a leader must cultivate the heart to serve others first. The late Zig Ziglar said “if you help enough people get what they want, you can have everything in life you want”. The greatest leader of all time, Jesus Christ served the world FIRST (I Tim. 2:1-6, also see Matthew 23:11, Mark 9:35, Mark 10:44)

3. Remain hungry for wisdom- every reader is not a leader BUT every leader is a reader! See Proverbs 4:7

4. Stay # D.O.P.E – No matter what Dream On Purpose Everyday

5. Work through the fear by taking all out action- In Art Williams’ book “All you can do is all you can do but all you can do is enough” he states “a leader can never show fear, never show hurt, never show quit”

It is my passion to assemble the true leaders of the world. Together we WILL change the course of history. Who’s with me? Will the real leaders please stand up?

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

Author, Speaker
Michael Lewis is a husband, a father, a motivational speaker, author, teacher, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Michigan, driven with extreme passion to cultivate potential within the boundaries of purpose. Author of the soon to be released book "Cultivating Potential within Purpose", through practical application, he makes it his priority in life to show others how to achieve maximum potential from the inside out by teaching life changing principles that can be applied in every area of their lives. You can find more of Michael’s writing his blog here.
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis



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