Perspective: Even The Best Leaders Need A Leader

As a Christian I am blessed to have a guide book, the Bible, with instructions on how to live a fruitful life but I still struggle with knowing if I am following God’s Will.

It’s something I constantly struggle with, am I doing what God would want me to do or needs me to do, or am I doing what I want to do and simply asking Him to help me? This is an important question for anyone to wrestle with, and even more important for those in a leadership position since they are influencing and affecting others with the consequences of this decision..needleaders

In my business I am tasked with setting the direction of the organization, making the big decisions about opportunities that we are presented with and at times making tough decisions around personnel. While we fully subscribe to and do our best to follow the instructions provided in our guide book about how to behave and how to treat others, the Book does not give you concrete answers about whether or not to hire a new employee, let an underperforming employee go, or if you should partner with another company in order to expand your business.

It would be great if it did… but this is where God leaves the pages blank for us to have free will and make those decisions.

It’s much easier for each of us to believe God is choosing for us and anything that happens to us happens for a reason. This is how most of us comfort ourselves when things do not go our way. In Deuteronomy 30:19 the Word says “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.” I lean more to the thought that God gives us guidance on what to choose, but He does not force our hand—because without choice, love is impossible.

It’s like God is saying, “I want you to want to follow My will and listen to My guidance and pursue holiness, but I will never force you. I will never choose for you.” I have learned to try and always step back from the big decisions, reflect on them and listen, really listen to myself to see if it is my ego that is rationalizing the decision or is my decision being based on the instructions that have been given to me by my ultimate Leader. Though I would be lying if I said I still often wrestle with doubts about which one is speaking louder to me at times.

One of my good friends, Ken Coleman, a respected author, radio show host and now team member at Dave Ramsey’s organization often talks about finding your sweet spot. In this talk he references that when you find that point where your passion aligns with your talents, your sweet spot, you are now where God wants you to be and that when there you have to be patient and persevere until God’s timing is right and you are then ready to flourish. This thought process makes a lot of sense to me as a Christian business leader. My whole life I have focused on being better, working on my patience having an attitude of perseverance especially in situations when others tend to give up. After all that is how one tends to win or become successful

The problem is….

Another equally rational viewpoint is that If you are following God’s will, He will clear the path for you and there is nothing anyone else can do in order to derail you from achieving what He wants you to do. Conversely, If you are not following His Will for you, then there is absolutely nothing you can do in order to accomplish what you are trying to do. This was the exact message Jan Smith, the song coach for artists such as Justin Bieber, Usher, Matchbox Twenty, and Sugarland. Mama Jan, as she is affectionately known, gave a recent talk with our folks and discussed our that once she surrendered to God’s Will, she found peace and great success.

So that still leaves me with the question, which way is it? Is my life predetermined to peace and success only if I follow the plan God has for me and is my life already pre-determined? or does God want me to persevere through trials and tribulations while I follow my passion, with Him supporting me as long as my passion aligns with His calling?

I wish I had the answer and would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Until then, I will keep praying on this and as a Mama Jan says “your struggles will end when they throw dirt over the top of you, and that is the truth.”

Burke Allen

Burke Allen

Co-Founder and CEO at Novologic
While setting the strategy and overall management of the organization, Burke likes to work hands-on with clients as well. He simultaneously performs the roles of strategist, technical consultant, creative director, and process improvement consultant. Burke has a varied background in application development, technical infrastructure, marketing, sales and management process throughout his career with IBM, Financial Software, Inc. and Impact Information Systems. Consider his background and the continued work with the various Fortune 500 and small business clients for the past 11 years at NovoLogic, and it is no wonder he has earned a reputation of being a trusted advisor to the many people who rely on his judgment and expertise every day. As a former decathlete for the University of Georgia, Burke enjoys a variety of sports activities as well as coaching youth sports teams.
Burke Allen




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