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Innovation Rarely Just Happens. You Have to Pursue It!innovationpursue

A few weeks ago I was invited into an IT staffing firm’s office to conduct training with the recruiters. They wanted to know how to recruit using social media, but what I loved is that they were willing to be as creative as possible. They weren’t looking for the easy ways that every other IT staffing company in Chicago is using, they were looking for a bit more.

They were looking for innovation.

More importantly, by bringing me in to conduct the training, they were pursuing it.

Recently, I was speaking to a CEO of a large corporation. He was discussing his current VP of HR and how he wished he would be more innovative with their HR processes. I asked him if he had told this HR leader that he was looking for and open to innovative ideas.

He hadn’t.

He didn’t think innovation was something you should have to ask for, but something people should just do.

Yeah, that’s a nice thought. Here’s the problem though. We all get stuck in the rut of doing what’s working. If it ain’t broken…right?!? It’s not that we are being lazy or not trying to be innovative, it’s just that most of us are trying to keep our heads above water and if things are working, even if that is barely working, we have little time to think about them.

I encouraged him to go back to his VP and have a discussion about how he would like to see more innovation out of his department. I asked him to be very specific with what he was looking for and not to just walk in and say, “hey dude be more innovative ok?” He had a few areas where he thought they could be doing things a little more creatively so I told him to ask his employee to pursue innovation in these areas. Start thinking about how things could be done differently.

I also told him, and this is key, that he needed to let his VP know that while trying to innovate, mistakes are ok. Many great successes come through trial and error.

The moral of the story is that innovation rarely just happens. It is derived from a need or a desire. It has to be pursued. It has to be tried and tested. It has to be allowed for.

Is your HR or Recruiting team pursuing innovation? Do you have an innovative practice you would like to share with this audience?

This post has been republished with permission from Sabrina Baker

Sabrina Baker
Sabrina Baker, PHR is the founder and CEO of Acacia HR Solutions, a human resource outsourcing, consulting and recruiting firm located outside of Chicago, IL. Sabrina was a human resource leader for eleven years before starting her own business in 2011. She serves on the Illinois Society of Human Resources Council board and holds the position of Annual Conference Chair. She is also a member of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) press team and is a regular contributor to their We Know Next blog. After experiencing her own layoff in 2010, Sabrina became very passionate about helping job seekers find work. Through her business and volunteer efforts she makes helping people find jobs a priority. Sabrina was named one of the Top 100 HR Influencers to follow on Twitter via the Huffington Post in 2013 and one of the Faces of Recruiting and Staffing by HR Marketer in 2014.
Sabrina Baker
Sabrina Baker



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