The Four Dimensions Of Leadership

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Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Fair warning – it’s not an easy task. And it does require certain skills and abilities. Regardless of how great they may have become, or even if they were relatively unknown, the following characteristics can be found in everyone that has stepped up and taken on the mantle of leadership:


If you are thinking about becoming a leader, this is what everyone will look to you for. It may be the hardest for you to explain and convince others of, but it is something you’ll know down deep in your core. Something that you can almost envision and know that its the right way to go. Every great leader knows what direction to take. At least initially. There are times when you realize that you may have to shift direction, but that ability is also a sign of a great leader.


The ability to make tough decisions in a timely fashion is another characteristic of a great leader. The key though, is to make sure they are well thought out, and that the input of others is solicited. You’ll have to measure the impact of the decision against the direction you intend to take. Constantly evaluate your decisions to make sure your heading stays true.


You will daily face a battle to quit. It’s part of the job of being a great leader. Doubt, fear, insecurity – they will raise their ugly little heads and make you question your own ability to lead. You’ll wonder at times if your even competent enough to be out in front. You’ll think that maybe someone else is better suited for the role. Truth is, there are others that could be doing a better job than you, but they are not here. They are not standing where you are. They don’t have the vision that you do, and they have not been confronted with the choices you have had to make. Stand firm because you are there for a reason. Be determined to see it through till the end.


This is the most important dimension of leadership. The very word “leader” explains this. What you are doing is primarily about other people. You must be as committed to their cause as you are to yours. In fact, your hopes and ideas may have to be sacrificed for the good of the team that you lead. See to it that their needs are met, and that you win together.

There’s no easy formula for success, but every good leader has these qualities within.  Find them in yourself. Nurture them and continue to grow in your trade.

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David Spell

David Spell

Writer, Lieutenant with the Civil Air Patrol, Manager at David Spell
David Allen Spell is a father of seven, a Lieutenant with the Civil Air Patrol, and a customer service manager for a mid-sized software company in the Midwest. He hopes to grow old one day and sit on a porch, swapping stories with family and friends. He’s always looking for the next adventure but his passion is to encourage others to become the very best they can be, and help them to always find the positive in every situation.
David Spell
David Spell
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  • April 3, 2014


    In all I have read, researched or even written in my own words ~ Devotion is a new word describing leadership and yet it seems to sum up everything that encompasses it. Such a beautiful word and it says so much more than commitment, loyalty or any of the other words  I have used. I found myself nodding, saying to myself “yes, uh-huh, yes” as I read through and when I came to “Devotion” and read on, that was the ringer for me. Reminding us all that it really is all about those we lead- even more so than our own hopes, desires, dreams. Thank you for this.

  • April 4, 2014


    AlaskaChickBlog – Thank you.

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