Time Management Vs. Multitasking

These days, you’ll see plenty of job postings that list their business skills training requirements coupled with the ability to multitask.  On the surface, it makes sense why being able to do more than one thing at a time throughout the day would be an important skill for a potential employee to possess.  However, is ittimemanagementmultitask as important as being able to manage time?

The better question is this – if you’re only able to get small portions of things done a day via multitasking, how much productivity are you actually achieving?  And how much real work have you completed by the end of the work day?

In an interview with Forbes, Julie Morgenstern points out that it has been proven that due to the way the brain switches focus on new tasks, it takes four times longer to recognize them.  This causes the multitasker to lose time.

Morgenstern is a productivity expert and bestselling author who USA Today once called the “queen of putting people’s lives in order”.  Her approach is aimed towards managing your time through working smarter.

This all boils down to developing a personal workflow that allows you to take advantage of a workday.  Instead of juggling chaos, you have a consistent process in which to complete tasks.  Another big key to time management success is finding ways to minimize distractions.

Time management training covers the roadmap to move away from chaotic multitasking, and towards an effectively-paced workflow that enhances productivity.  Some of the principles that are taught include productivity cycles, self-assessment, balancing technology use, knowing when to say “no” and creating reasonable workloads.

In a nutshell, you’re learning how to turn tasking chaos into achievement harmony.

This post has been republished with permission by Scott Murray

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  • January 7, 2014


    Aha! The first time I had ever been given a clue that “Multitasking” wasn’t all it was cracked up to be was a long ago post by Kaarina Dillabough. I have seen it differently since then. Thank you for the reminder ~ FOCUS!

  • January 10, 2014


    Time management is all about staying focused on our work and time. Many of the peoples still thinking to save time by multitasking. However, multitasking has some drawbacks when we try to complete two tasks at a time, then we need to face a lot of stress.
    Multitasking practice can be helpful for small business owners, but most of the time it can change what we are ultimately trying to implement. The ability to manage our time effectively can be the difference in having regular experience.
    Cloud-based time management software that will help us to monitor and improve our work productivity and to manage our multiple tasks. I’m using Replicon for time tracking, http://goo.gl/yGF1mm and Invoicera fo invoicing purposes.

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