Out With The Old: In With The New!

The age-old New Year’s cliché says throw out the old, and embrace the new!

But let’s look closer; just because something is old doesn’t automatically mean it should be deleted, as just because something is new, isn’t a good enough reason to embrace it instantly!

Just as a for-instance; my wind up clocks have been working since the mid-1700’s; the French traveling clock, compact and innovative for it’s day; it doesn’t need a wireless network to function, and has been telling time accurately (more or less) for two-hundred and fifty-three (253) years! While quite appropriate for traveling by fast horse and carriage, not sure I’d put it in my carry-on today….. oldnew

My current iPhone is almost two years old! That’s a veritable antique in mobile phone-years, and I really should be embracing new and red (or aqua?) Of course the iPhone is far more than a clock; it’s a computer, a camera, a TV, a personal assistant and a carrier pigeon all rolled into one neat package! In fact we can’t live without our smart phones these days; they have become a basic ingredient in today’s technology-intensive working lifestyle.

New, old, working, not working….it’s all relative!

What is working and what is not is far more important to your business than what’s new or old! So don’t wait for the end of the year to do a reality check  on your business; reality checks should be often and ongoing.

Out with the unworkable: in with what works!

Should we keep those wind up clocks? They’re not broken but we can’t carry them in our pockets and they don’t do email. Beautiful as they are, they don’t actively contribute to our business bottom line. But wait; perhaps they’re useful for our new Branding Initiative :

Established & Credible, Ltd.

But new is always better; new software, yet another new social platform, new employee with an MBA; but not always true, and especially when you think of new technologies… How often have you struggled for hours and even days with the new OS, and fervently wished you could revert to doing things the old way, that worked.

If the old software (your business) is working just fine for you and your customers, think long and hard before you change it, even when the shiny “new“ is the “must have” and the next best thing. How often have you found a favorite website “new and improved” to the point of being unusable? And it doesn’t even recognize your password anymore!!!!

There is no time like the present to focus on what works and what doesn’t; in fact I recommend having this as an integral part of your daily business DNA for 2014.

What are you going to delete that isn’t working?

Happy and Successful New Year to All.

That works!

CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego
Caroline Di Diego aka CASUDI is a Social Media whisperer helping Brands, Communities and individuals find their social voice. She is the creator of the successful Entrepreneurs Questions blog; an effective self-help resource for Entrepreneurs. She is an award winning documentary film-maker, using New-Media to tell people's stories with impact. Esse Group, boutique consultancy has been helping companies move from concept/chaos to fundable and or profitable for over 25 years. INCLINEDESIGN focuses on Architectural Design solutions. She is a Co-Founder of the non-profit BankOnRain, solving the global water crisis with an available resource, THINK RAIN! . She is an avid guest blogger
CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego
CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego



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