In Leadership…Less Is More

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Leadership won’t help you chase a bigger office or title.

Leadership won’t be impressed by the size of your bank account.


Image by Mark L. Edwards

Leadership doesn’t know where you are on the organizational chart.

Leadership is indifferent to who you are, where you came from or who you know.

Leadership isn’t interested in how many social media followers you have.

Leadership doesn’t care how well you know how to work a room.

Leadership isn’t measured by the size of your contact list.

Leadership isn’t about getting it is about giving.

Leadership really isn’t about you.

It’s about them.

Leadership shows up when you give yourself away.

Less of you… is more.

  • Less controlling more empowering
  • Less talking more listening
  • Less telling more asking
  • Less doing more delegating
  • Less commanding more coaching
  • Less tasking more teaching
  • Less pushing more guiding
  • Less instructing more inspiring
  • Less pride more praise
  • Less plans more dreams
  • Less you more them

Leadership can only fill the space that your ego has surrendered. So instead of thinking about leadership as something you get or earn, or as a title you achieve through following some recipe in a book, think about it as something you release. It’s already in you. It just needs to be given space to appear. And when it does, you will inspire others. And they will do so in turn. And that’s how you change the world.


This post has been republished with permission by Scott Mabry

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Scott Mabry

Scott Mabry

Business Leader at ELUMN8
Scott Mabry is a business leader who is passionate about building deeply connected communities that inspire amazing work. He has over 20 years experience in teaching and business leadership as both an executive and entrepreneur. Scott is a member of our #beamentor volunteer mentor team. You can connect with Scott on his mentor page here.
Scott Mabry
Scott Mabry

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What an absolutely WONDERFUL post, Scott! Less you More them!!


My fave? Less you more them. Amen to that. Cheers, and best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous new year. Kaarina