Do You Have A Personal Stage?

Your Personal Stage is a “designed”, or a well chosen “backdrop”. It can be an important part of your personal (or corporate) branding. It is where you Hangout, Skype, Vlog, or video conference. Done properly, it makes a definite positive statement about who you are and what you do!

When I first lurked in a Google+ hangout, I was shocked and amused by the “branding message“ portrayed by the participants; some social media celebrities included! The #10 in my recent 12MOST on design received the most traction; it was about your “Personal stage”

This all started out as joking banter….Oh yes I’ll Skype you from my “purple palace”. So I designed a “purple palace” for Peggy Fitzpatrick @PegFitzpatrick . Can you tell, she has a great sense of humor, is full of joie de vivre, and takes a sophisticated approach to marketing, branding and online communities? She has a deep appreciation of the old, while embracing the new.

Mark Schaefer @MarkwSchaefer is ‘right on track’ helping us navigate a somewhat murky and uncertain future; he does this with strong, definable tracks, and just the right information. Check out his book ROI: Return on Influence, and you’ll know exactly why I chose this image…

Ari Herzog @Ari Herzog is a councilman and integrated communications professional, well versed in the social media & blogging space. When I asked Ari to use this image, he assured me it was not actually his “Personal Stage” but an image taken for campaign literature. Ari was one of the first people I followed on twitter and I’d certainly vote for him and include him in my social media team with a “Personal Stage” like this.

This is the “personal stage” I have selected for my online friend, Lois Geller @Loisgeller, the Joy of Direct Marketing Guru. This antique English, original George III desk, shouts out, “established, experienced and successful” value marketer (meaning you get more bang for the buck). And we all like doing business with success.

This is the “personal stage” of Bernd Nurnberger @CoCreatr, who communicates from Japan to his friends around the world. It sends the appropriate message and it is very well lit. Don’t forget how important lighting your personal stage is (I could do a whole other post on “lighting”). Professional, organized, very well informed and fun; that’s Bernd, and I met him on the twitter chat #kaizenbiz (currently morphing from #kaizenblog)

There is a definite business opportunity for someone to create “personal stages” for those hanging out online. Ingredients required; green screen and “personal stage” software connected to your camera. And don’t forget the opportunity for the lighting pro.

This is my “Personal Stage” sample catalog, some more ideas just in case you want to do something a little bit more inventive than simply hanging a curtain; and I‘ve noticed a lot of curtains appearing in Google+ hangouts……Be an individual!

Taking this one step further; imagine a person living in a cardboard box, “video conferencing” from his corporate jet.

Now you’ve gone to the effort and have this fabulous “personal stage” for your image; what about presenting yourself? There are lots of good tips and good people to help you present yourself. Check out Jane Ellen on Google+; make up, fashion consultant & publicist. It’s just like prepping for a TV interview…. make up, (for some guys too), no dangly ear-rings, and more.

So what would I design as my “personal stage?” I’ve had a quite a few of my online friends tell me I should use the image as my Avatar, and my  “Personal Stage”. For my taste it was a trifle too long ago… So, what does this say about me, and is it appropriate?

In my eclectic past I produced TV documentaries, and corporate videos, often with only half a day for the staging and coaching. The CEO or company spokesperson had to present themselves as credible, knowledgeable about the company or products, and speak with authority and sincerity from a believable “Company Stage’; all with a view to sending a consistent branding message to the customer. For this reason I may be more critical than most. I do know that designing your “personal stage” is time well spent, and a branding opportunity well taken.

What would your personal stage look like? If you are so inclined, please leave a link in the comments below and I’ll “pin” it on my “Personal Stage” board.

Editor’s Note: This post has been re-published with permission from Casudi Di Diego for #bealeader.

CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego
Caroline Di Diego aka CASUDI is a Social Media whisperer helping Brands, Communities and individuals find their social voice. She is the creator of the successful Entrepreneurs Questions blog; an effective self-help resource for Entrepreneurs. She is an award winning documentary film-maker, using New-Media to tell people's stories with impact. Esse Group, boutique consultancy has been helping companies move from concept/chaos to fundable and or profitable for over 25 years. INCLINEDESIGN focuses on Architectural Design solutions. She is a Co-Founder of the non-profit BankOnRain, solving the global water crisis with an available resource, THINK RAIN! . She is an avid guest blogger
CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego
CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego




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