Leadership Has A Sense Of Wonder

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Leadership is full of wonder.

Leaders are not machines. Leadership is not about equations, ratios, or formulae. There are no ultimate solutions or final answers.

Leadership is caught, not learned in school. The answers are not in the back of the book.wonder

The leaders who inspire me believe in the power of the unexpected. They know that we each build our own leadership, we each need to explore and try new ways of leading.

The leaders who inspire me appreciate that doing what is expected becomes predictable. They recognize the value of wonder.

The first step toward wonder is not holding so tightly onto what we already know. “I wonder ” is a necessary beginning. I wonder if we could make this better. I wonder if I could do that. I wonder what would happen if . . . .

Leadership begins in wonder. It opens doors and windows to the possibilities of wonder.

We turn our values into reality to learn what can happen. We wonder and imagine, put our ideas into practice, and the lessons we learn shape what we wonder about next. We explore, we discover new possibilities; our potential expands.

Leaders are like young children. We find wonder in the faces of the people all around us. Each person, each project, each challenge, each day is filled with opportunities to learn and grow. We try, and each step we take teaches us lessons that can fuel our wonder. We explore, and each time we reach out we grow closer to becoming the leaders we have the potential to be.

The people around me spark my sense of wonder.

I wonder what would happen if each of us took the opportunity to wonder.

How will your leadership be wonderful today?

Where will your sense of wonder lead you?

This post has been republished with permission from Greg Richardson

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Greg Richardson
Born in rural Wisconsin, Greg was raised to be very strategic. His life and work have been a voyage of discovery beyond anything he could have imagined. Greg is a recovering attorney and university professor. He has served as a criminal prosecutor, a legislative advocate, and an organizational leader. Greg has recruited, trained, and developed volunteers and staff members for a wide variety of companies. He brings his experience, focus, and sense of humor to each of his endeavors. Greg is articulate and engaging. Greg is also monastic, a lay person connected to a Benedictine monastery in Big Sur, California. His experiences with monks and monastic life have taught him the deep importance of working from a person’s, and an organization’s, core values and principles. Greg is a deeper, clearer listener. He knows the benefits of silence and reflection. In addition to being monastic and strategic, Greg has a strong appreciation for the virtues of craft brewing. He is on a pilgrimage of craft breweries in Southern California, and writes a monthly column about craft brewing for an online magazine.Greg now lives in Pasadena, California.
Greg Richardson
Greg Richardson
Greg Richardson
Greg Richardson

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This post is something that should be read whenever anyone who leads others has any self-doubt or moments of indecision. It's a great post with something for everyone. I really like these statements: "Leadership begins in wonder. It opens doors and windows to the possibilities of wonder...We explore, we discover new possibilities; our potential expands." At the core of leadership, we help develop the potential in others and help them to aspire to new heights. Thanks, @strategicmonk! 


Hi Greg,

Little kids are the best guides. This is who we are. How we entered the world. Exploring, questioning, playing, pushing ourselves to the limits. Perfect qualities for leaders. We are born leaders. Because we were born kids ;)

In truth we must un-learn these skills and replace with faulty following skills acquired from failing adults. This is why I love your post. Adopting a sense of wonder can release the limiting, leased beliefs. We trade in our limiters to wonder, what could happen? How could we expand our vision? Do we even have a vision? Why not? Wonder.

Sensational post Greg. Thanks for sharing with us!