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I recently had an engaging conversation with Diane Byrne entrepreneur, journalist, accomplished online publisher of the Megayacht News , and founder of RedHedInk The distillation of what I came away with was, if you really make the effort to understand your audience, you can be successful in just about any industry, even as a woman in the male-dominated world of Super and Mega yachts!

Diane’s foray into mega yachts started 20 years ago when she was interviewing at a major yachting magazine. At that time she was an experienced writer and staff editor for a children’s health magazine, a far cry from super & mega!

The interviewer was quick to tell her “this is a male-oriented publication, over 97% of our readers are yacht owners; as a woman how on earth can you write for our audience”? (remember this was 20 years ago, and to be quite fair he did preface the question by saying he was going to play devil’s advocateJ)

Diane was even quicker to come back to the interviewer, asking him a question and drawing a comparison between decision-making in parenting, and knowing your audience, referencing the traditional women’s role in charge of the children: the interviewer admitted that when it came to parenting decisions it was he the husband & his wife that made them together. Each could make parenting decisions, as they both knew their daughter. It doesn’t matter who or what you are, if you understand and know your audience.

“An audience of one can be all you need, for the most important conversation in your life” Chris Westfall wrote in a recent post on discovering your perfect audience Even with the yachting magazine interviewer’s “harsh” questioning; by understanding how to communicate with him, Diane crafted exactly the right analogy, to make exactly the right point about herself, and got the job!

By 2008 she was transitioning from traditional ways of doing business, to using the tools of social media. She researched at length, listened to what was going on, and soon came to the conclusion that “social” business was about sharing, conversation, and engaging, rather than the traditional “broadcasting”; quite counter-intuitive for someone coming from the magazine publishing space. Knowing how to research for articles and stories enabled her to find out how “social” worked.  She says that doing research is really no different today; we have much better tools, with more and better results, faster.

On twitter, I am Diane’s audienceJ I first met her online last year in the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show hashtag/stream where I was cruising under my twitter identity @BarnFindRiva.  It’s always interesting to me that even in the world of 140 characters one can quickly recognize those who clearly have their “act” together! It was obvious to me almost at once, that she knew how to use 140 to get a message across; she engaged with others including me, and she posted really good content, either in share mode or via her own Megayacht News, which I later found had received an award for best online publication in the boating industry.

I had noticed for some time that the yachting space is still “behind the times” (my words), “insulated” (Diane’s words), when it comes to understanding and using social media. IMO there are tremendous opportunities here, but as ever, it will come down to knowing the audience. Diane is living proof, and does a continuous “show and tell” of her own “social” success within the yachting industry, aiming to remove others fears of getting started in “social”, and helping yacht owners and builders on their journey to know their “online” audience. This equates to “how do we engage online in a social network, when all we have done in the past is broadcast?”  Fifty immediate shares on a social online platform of their recently introduced Mega Yacht, does make quite the point! Sold!

Diane had an interesting take on “but isn’t print dead?”  She is a strong advocate for the future of print; believing it will evolve, just as radio has, over decades and generations. “The audience is still there, people still want the “look and feel” of a print magazine”; and we both agreed that though still in its infancy, “interactive” print publishing might be just the ingredient that evolves print to the next iteration. Note that radio is still around, and still evolving….

The central theme that ties it all together, is knowing your audience. Diane “knew” her interviewer 20 years ago (audience of one). She writes successfully for yacht magazine readers (and has for 20 years). She knows her online Mega yacht News audience, (which includes me)! She understands her “social” audience, and shares her knowledge! And as the founder of RedHedInk, she is totally in tune with the high-net-worth, niche luxury audiences her company focuses on.

I strongly suspect that if Diane went into any new, different, challenging career, the same would still be true. She would know (learn) exactly the right questions to ask, the right stories to tell to get her message across to her audience, whether it’s a room full of millennials or a conference of nanotechs! It’s not only who you are (and although sometimes it might be who you know), it’s always knowing who your audience is.

What do you do to understand, gain insight about, and know, your audience?


CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego
Caroline Di Diego aka CASUDI is a Social Media whisperer helping Brands, Communities and individuals find their social voice. She is the creator of the successful Entrepreneurs Questions blog; an effective self-help resource for Entrepreneurs. She is an award winning documentary film-maker, using New-Media to tell people's stories with impact. Esse Group, boutique consultancy has been helping companies move from concept/chaos to fundable and or profitable for over 25 years. INCLINEDESIGN focuses on Architectural Design solutions. She is a Co-Founder of the non-profit BankOnRain, solving the global water crisis with an available resource, THINK RAIN! . She is an avid guest blogger
CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego
CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego




  • February 4, 2013

    Patrick McFadden

    Awesome story! And she’s write while printing isn’t dead. They’re still people who’s in that target market that still want the “look and feel” of a print magazine

  • A great interview! Diane is definitely an inspiration in the yachting industry. I have followed her since 2007 when she started Megayacht News. I now feel like I know her a little better, thanks to this insightful interview here at #bealeader Diane truly is, a trail blazer in the yachting industry. I am one of the few that Twitter during shows at the yachting industry and I often take the lead from Diane leadership role. Diane I would love to meet you IRL soon.

  • February 5, 2013


    Thanks Barbara for visiting here on #BeAleader I had no idea that you knew her online. The social online world is really amazing especially how multidimensional the connections are. I wonder who else we both know online?

  • February 5, 2013


    Patrick ~ Thanks so much for your comment (via smart phone I assume?) Do you think that print will last as long as radio has, after they said radio would be dead? And that was when TV went mainstream………. about 50-60 years ago 🙂

  • February 5, 2013

    Patrick McFadden

    Here’s the challenge with print. Print used to be for everybody ( the masses), and now that dried up. Add to that since it cost money to print writing on paper, now there’s a challenge, but there is really good news. The good news is if your magazine is targeted at a certain segment of the market, and you don’t have to pay for paper, if you don’t need to worry about a building, if you don’t need to worry about hot lead, if you don’t need to worry about delivery postage, your cost goes way down.

    So you don’t need as many advertisers and the advertising can change and it is and will change. this notion of the “full page ad” is completely based on the fact that print used to have a page, but when the magazine doesn’t have a page any more the notion of what an ad is and how it looks and feels changes.

    The reason that radio and TV so crushed the print in the 40s and 50s is that the incremental cost of one more viewer was zero. No friction. Pay once and use it many times. And advertisers love this idea because they’re in the mass market business and if you want to reach the masses, having a medium that reaches everyone is really helpful. But the other thing that goes with that is mass marketers make average products. Because if you want everyone to buy something (that’s average) you better make something that everyone wants to buy. So we average content, for average viewers, promoted by average marketers.

    Today we have a million media choices. So I don’t watch what the marketer wants me to watch I watch what ever I want. So if you make average products you’re in the corner because the only thing we got left is the Superbowl and the academy awards. Everything else is special like your yacht magazine.

  • February 7, 2013

    dadofdivas (@dadofdivas)

    Great interview. This is my first visit here and I love what I am seeing and will definitely be back!

  • February 7, 2013


    Thanks for visiting the #BeALeader blog. I am always interested to hear why an interview is great, if you have the time?

  • February 11, 2013

    Jennifer Olney

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